Showreel 2019

Showreel 2019 Client Personal Made at Personal Date 2019

Hello Purpose

Hello Purpose Client Hello Purpose Made at Studio Flunky Date 2016

Business 4 Bees

Client: Business 4 Bees Production: Ricky Cornish, Mourad Saber (GR8THINGS), Tijn Benedek (GR8THINGS) & Samuel Prins (Chacalaka). Date: 2014 Production companies: Chacalaka & GR8THINGS In samenwerking met GR8THINGS & Chacalaka hebben wij voor Business 4 Bees een awaraness animatie gemaakt omdat het slecht gaat met onze Bijen. Get the bees back in Business

Showreel 2014

Client: Personal Showreel Production: Ricky Cornish Date: 2014 Internship: Baked Beans Production companies: Chacalaka, Eyeforce, Orange Studios, Clipable and Mixmotion Showreel contains both commercial, freelance, internship and personal work created between 2011 and 2014.


Client: Lizz Production: Clipable, Chacalaka Year: 2013 Responsible for: Animation, tracking & rotoscoping. In collaboration with Clipable and Chacalaka.


[one_third] Client: b2s Production: Orange Studios, Eyeforce, Chacalaka Date: 2013 [/one_third] [one_third] b2s presents Thrillogy 2013! A big Hardcore event in the Netherlands. In collaboration with Orange Studios and Eyeforce, [/one_third] [one_third_last] we ( Chacalaka, a creative collective I work with ) created the Visual Effects for this online trailer. [/one_third_last]